The Machinist (2004)

Background : Directed by Brad Anderson (Transsiberian, Vanishing on 7th Street) and staring Christian Bale, The Machinist is about a man with an extreme form of insomnia. Approximately 10% of Americans experience chronic insomnia (1), and due to increased stress, it has become much more common in recent years; some of its most typical of causes... Continue Reading →


Hugo (2011)

Background : In 1956, after attending Cardinal Hayes Catholic high school, Martin Scorsese pursued priesthood in seminary college; but, after witnessing the beauty of movies in local theaters, he fell in love with film and decided to pursue a degree in film instead: graduating from NYU with a B.A. in English in 1964, and an M.A. in film in 1966. He has... Continue Reading →

Trollhunter (2010)

Background : Written and directed by Norwegian director André Øvredal, Trollhunter is a mockumentary modern realization of old Norwegian folktales. The film takes old stories of trolls — such as trolls under bridges, trolls smelling the blood of a Christian man, and trolls having big noses — and acts as if they are real. Many ideas that are... Continue Reading →

Secret Sunshine (2007)

Background : Directed by Lee Chang-dong (Oasis, Green Fish), Secret Sunshine is a South Korean film about people and God. While not the most Christian of the Asian countries, South Korea seems to be slowly growing to become so. In 1920 there were only about 300,000 Christians in all of Korea (1). Yet, in the 1995 census about 26%... Continue Reading →

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