With Love

Nel suo profondo vidi che s'interna, legato con amore in un volume, ciò che per l'universo si squaderna. There is an evil I fear we have embraced: that we have allowed love to mean something of little or corrupt value: that love has lost its genuine character. We've elevated talking of how love is used too freely,... Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Time, We Assumed

If our first words illuminate our future, then once upon a time has to stand as my favorite; for, it does not give the hour, the day, the year, whether the sun shone, the clouds darkened, or the rain did not cease, it merely tells that a time once occurred. Once upon a time does... Continue Reading →

Genuine Christ

A few years ago, a friend of mine from high school killed himself. He was about a year older and graduated a year or so before me, so I didn’t know him all to well. I never put a whole lot of myself into any of my high school friendships, and this was closer to... Continue Reading →


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