For she had eyes

My darling daughter, As you might be this likewise, having characterised me, I must warn you of something. Whether we like it or not, it's very likely that many people will highly dislike us. Not for any good reason, mind you; but, simply because of some obscure label that has been attached onto us. I am... Continue Reading →

חסד — Sacrificial Celebration

Every year during the first half of May, on a certain Sunday, my pastor cries for a good portion of his sermon. It is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in church. Many couples seem to somewhat fear anniversaries, fear the pressure they bring, and fear their relationship falling into living up... Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Time, We Assumed

If our first words illuminate our future, then once upon a time has to stand as my favorite; for, it does not give the hour, the day, the year, whether the sun shone, the clouds darkened, or the rain did not cease, it merely tells that a time once occurred. Once upon a time does... Continue Reading →

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