For she had eyes

My darling daughter, As you might be this likewise, having characterised me, I must warn you of something. Whether we like it or not, it's very likely that many people will highly dislike us. Not for any good reason, mind you; but, simply because of some obscure label that has been attached onto us. I am... Continue Reading →

From the man who waits

Five months ago, I lost my best friend and sister to broken communication, without a single word as she passed from my life. Three months ago, I graduated with two seemingly useless bachelor degrees and moved back home to struggle for work. Eleven weeks ago, someone I’ve always cared much about, reached out to me on... Continue Reading →


There is only one thing a blind man can be beside a weeping angel. I fear helplessness, doing and being able to do nothing. For me, this often means not being able to speak, unable to move or open my mouth, trapped in a silent frost like Han Solo. Screaming and pushing with all my... Continue Reading →

The Machinist (2004)

Background : Directed by Brad Anderson (Transsiberian, Vanishing on 7th Street) and staring Christian Bale, The Machinist is about a man with an extreme form of insomnia. Approximately 10% of Americans experience chronic insomnia (1), and due to increased stress, it has become much more common in recent years; some of its most typical of causes... Continue Reading →

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