Whitewashing Grapefruit & Unicycles

My darling girl, Why on earth does anyone actually enjoy the taste of grapefruit?! It's bitter, awful, and all over grocery stores here. I don't understand it. Anyway, I am always asked, why go for a masters in Shakespeare, such a particular subject, and what will you even do with it anyway? Well, the truth... Continue Reading →

Avon Epistles

To my dearest daughter, I have yet to meet you or your mother — God willing I am blessed by such — yet until then, I write to you in a time of tremendous change for me. I am moving to the odd little town of Stratford-upon-Avon, to study Shakespeare for a year and receive my masters in... Continue Reading →


There is only one thing a blind man can be beside a weeping angel. I fear helplessness, doing and being able to do nothing. For me, this often means not being able to speak, unable to move or open my mouth, trapped in a silent frost like Han Solo. Screaming and pushing with all my... Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Time, We Assumed

If our first words illuminate our future, then once upon a time has to stand as my favorite; for, it does not give the hour, the day, the year, whether the sun shone, the clouds darkened, or the rain did not cease, it merely tells that a time once occurred. Once upon a time does... Continue Reading →


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