The Authors

The Human

I am Cody Connor Kelley. I am a student, teacher, and writer, currently finishing my MA in Shakespeare Studies. I have a BA in English Literature and a BA in Biblical Studies, and have previously taught both adult learners in college and children at a traditional academy. I am the author of the more formal and personal posts of The Last Table, while also the author for Sire the fox, who’s letters record various stories throughout history. I hope to use language in a manner of intentionality, drawing out a Christly hope and mercy upon the world. Through a literary ministry, I write for the underspoken and misunderstood, the emotionally broken, the lonely, the wondering families, and the unloved children. I write for those like the Canaanite woman begging for scraps from the table, eager to see her seated beside the King. May we be brought to that last table and recline joyfully.

The Fox

Sire, most appropriately, has a life of his own, though perhaps born before his own time has arrived, being a traveler of distant and ancient places. He allows the author to go where the human cannot, where the walls of grace do not permit, where time and culture may bend and meet elsewhere. Why he only writes in letters is very simple: he never remains stationary long enough to write otherwise. Perhaps he is a spawn of the human defect that causes one to fear settling. Regardless, letters are his means and so The Letter Desk is his primary place of function. In due time, he will pat his paws in different dirt, but for now he remains so. Unfortunately, Sire’s history is far too complex for this little place, so I will not bother about drawing it out. The best you can do is accept his odd form and suspect him to always be hiding in flowerbeds and tailor shops, as any decent fox would do.


As always, I ask that you respect my work and do not copy me. All outside images and any referenced material is the property of its respective copyright holders. All written blog content is copyright protected and property of Cody Connor Kelley, © The Last Table, and Sire of © The Letter Desk. Please do not fox my letters, stories, or odd little life.

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